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Design of a board game

Clash of Rage is a confrontation and skirmish game. You play as one of four armies, each with its own units. In turn, you can either move your troops or spend gold coins to acquire equipment (armor or weapons) and improve your units. By taking control of territories, you get many benefits: Stones of Reinforcement make appear additional units in your army, and the cities elves bring you precious Crystals. By spending these crystals in the Forges under your control, you can create legendary equipment that will reverse many situations, and bring you closer to victory!
game designed and edited by ORIGAMES and LA BOITE DE JEU.
Illustrations by DJIB.
For this game, I worked on a few cards to help the illustrator DJIB to finish the game CLASH OF RAGE.
Here are the cards:
The mechanical golem
The Fire Orb
lava cracks
The shaken ground
The prisoner
The prison
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