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Redesign of a mascot

for the WALIBI amusement park

mascotte 2.jpg

For this work, I was approached by Compagnie des Alpes to make a new version of the Walibi mascot.


At the beginning of 2018, the WALIBI amusement park asked me to propose a new design for their mascot, the kangaroo Walibi. We were several artists in competition, and at the end of two years of consultation, my character design was not chosen. It happens ! But despite everything, I am proud of my work and my dedication, so I present to you the final design, a few color steps and the development of the character design.

Final character design
WALIBI FINAL copie.jpg
adult version
child version
Development of the mascot
Projet_Walibi_ copie 2.jpg
Projet_Walibi 3.jpg
Projet_Walibi 2.jpg
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